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Welcome to Lifestream Counselling Services!

… drawing upon the love, light and might of God for your life situation.

 “The counsel of the Lord stands forever, the plans of his heart to all generations.”

-- Psalm 33:11  

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Biblical Counselling

Counselling here, seeks to bring the love, light and might of God -- through faith in The Lord Jesus Christ, to your particular life situation. Biblical Counselling is provided by the application of the Bible (as His revealed Word) and the counsel of the Holy Spirit. It is a service of care and compassion that focuses on support in the renewal of heart and mind -- through faith, understanding and the daily application of truth.

We provide online Biblical Counselling sessions and resources. The hope is that as we embrace such an approach and become intentional in engaging with all that the Biblical Counselling process offers, resolution and increasing fulfillment would be experienced.

We also hope that what the Bible refers to as “the fruit of the Spirit” (i.e., love, joy, peace... found in Galatians 5:22), would be experienced continually, in real and practical ways.

Biblical  Counselling is our counselling process of choice for addressing life issues such as; Marriage and family difficulties, relational conflict, anxiety, depression, anger or addiction. It involves transformation that is ignited and empowered by faith in God, through the grace of The Lord Jesus Christ. May such renewal, healing and fulfillment continue in your life, well past the period of counselling.

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Joseph believes that the very personal nature of counselling requires not only a keen sense of empathy but a mutual feeling of trust, comfort and safety between counsellor and counsellee  or client, so that the very reason(s) for counselling can be effectively addressed. He holds this as necessary for understanding and dealing effectively with your particular situation or concerns. He also seeks to bring humility and dedication to the counselling process — given the natural complexity of our human experience.

The use of Biblical counselling will address the impact of thought patterns, experiences – as well as underlying values and beliefs on your particular situation. 

A cooperative and intentional effort is encouraged to restore, renew and be revived — along with the enjoyment of  relief, wholeness and fulfillment.


Following a Bachelors’ degree in Psychology and Sociology, Joseph has pursued further training and work in the counselling field for over a decade. In addition to his work experience with a Registered Psychologist -- along with work as a Preferred Provider in Employee Assistance Programs, he has been serving in the counselling ministry of his local church. He is thankful for the benefits such combined experience has had, in developing skills and sensitivity of engagement, when dealing with others on a personal level. In addition to his professional counselling work, Joseph currently serves as a non-vocational or lay counsellor at Hope Bible Church in Oakville, Ontario.

Joseph is certified as a Biblical Counsellor with the Association of Biblical Counselors (ABC).

He enjoys family life with his wife and daughter.

Meet Joseph

"I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my eye upon you." 

-- Psalm 32:8


Online Counselling

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